Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book #2 and Shelf!

I have finished my second book for my empty shelf challenge and I'm on my third now! 

The "Fault in our Stars" was an amazing read. I would recommend it to everyone I knew under one condition: buy some tissues first. This young adult fiction is a story about a girl with cancer who finds something she was never expecting. It's gives me chills just thinking about it. 

I am about half way through "The Apprentices", another young adult fiction. It is actually the sequel to "The Apothecary". Pick up the first one if you ever get a chance and you will be caught up in the world of a boy and a girl on a mission to save an ancient potion/spell book from landing in the wrong hands. "The Apprentices" is set about three years later. I can't wait to get back to reading it. 

Now for my actual empty shelf! The space in or house is limited and all of my bookshelves are already full with books so I had to resort to making my own bookshelf for this challenge. 

I found an old shutter at a wonderful  antique store here in Memphis. Then we ordered some metal brackets from Anthropologie. Next we went and got a piece of wood from Home Depot and cut it to the exact length of the shutter. We nailed the brackets into the shutter and put the board on top of the brackets. And poof we have our very own shelf! I am so happy with the outcome and know that this will continue to be one d my favorite pieces in our home because of all the hard work we put into making it and all of the books that will fill it up this year! 

Happy Reading! 

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